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Nissan Recalls More than 150,000 Vehicles Due to Brake Software Issue

Nissan’s latest Pathfinder model and Infiniti JX model have been riddled with many problems. In September, the Los Angeles Times reported that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began investigating potential transmission failure after receiving reports about both models. The investigation follows two previous recalls that took place earlier in 2013.

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Toyota Issues Recall for Approximately 10,000 Vehicles

Toyota has been in the news for various reasons this year. The Japanese automaker issued multiple recalls and has been involved in a few major lawsuits. Among the recalls, Toyota recalled about 615,000 Sierra minivans due to issues with the gear shift lock solenoids last month. Now, Toyota is in the news again for another recall. Toyota announced a recall of approximately 10,000 vehicles due to issues with the windshield wipers, according to Edmunds.

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Chrysler Recalls Approximately 132,000 SUVs Due to Software Problems

This past summer was a busy one for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Multiple international vehicle manufacturers issued large-scale recalls. Among these companies was Chrysler. In July, Chrysler recalled approximately 841,000 vehicles in two separate actions due to problems with the vehicles’ head restraints, side airbags and electronic stability control.

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Mazda Issues Recall for Approximately 161,400 Vehicles Due to Door Issue

This year has been relatively quiet for Japan-based automaker Mazda Motor Corp. Although the automaker isn’t one of the larger worldwide vehicle manufacturers, the company still has a well-known presence around the world. In one of its major media appearances this year, Mazda was included in a mass recall of more than three million vehicles in April. Mazda recalled approximately 20,000 vehicles due to potentially defective airbags.

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Toys R Us Recalls More than 12,000 Toy Trunks Due to Laceration Hazard

Many products with sharp components have been recalled this year. Among these products, there have been a few small kitchen appliances. For instance, last month, Frigidaire had to recall approximately 14,000 blenders due to a blade shaft assembly that could break and pose a laceration hazard. In addition to hazardous kitchen products, there have also been a few children’s products with sharp pieces.

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Nissan and Toyota Recall A Combined 1.5 Million Vehicles Worldwide

Nissan and Toyota are among some of the largest vehicle manufacturers worldwide. The two Japanese automakers are also no strangers to large-scale recalls. Recently, Toyota recalled approximately 235,000 vehicles in two separate actions, with one recall involving a concern with the vehicles’ inverters and the other involving concerns with the vehicles’ variable valve timing devices.

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BMW Recalls Approximately 140,000 Sedans Due to Rear Light Issues

The German automaker Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) has had a few noteworthy recalls this year. In February, BMW was also involved in a large-scale recall in May.

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Frigidaire Recalls Approximately 14,000 Blenders Due to Laceration Hazard

Consumers who were in the market for blenders these past few months may want to make sure they didn’t purchase a recently recalled model. For instance, the popular blender company Vitamix recalled approximately 165,000 blender containers due to a blade that could’ve potentially broken and posed a laceration hazard to the user of the blender. Similarly, another blender was recently recalled.

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Honda Recalls Approximately 374,000 Vehicles Due to Air Bag Defect

It’s uncommon for two vehicle manufacturers to recall hundreds of thousands of vehicles for similar reasons in the same week. Nevertheless, this week both Suzuki and Honda recalled more than a combined 400,000 vehicles due to problems with the airbags. Suzuki recalled approximately 193,936 Grand Vitara and SX4 models due to the airbag’s sensor mat potentially failing and deploying in a crash whether or not the occupant is an adult or child.

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Waterlogic Recalls About 48,000 Water Cooling and Heating Systems Due to Fire Hazard

There have been several product recalls this year involving fire hazards. Sometimes products meant to control temperature or humidity can be manufactured in a way that makes them potentially dangerous. For instance, Gree recalled more than two million dehumidifiers last week after approximately $2.15 million worth of property damage was reported by consumers. According to the CPSC, the dehumidifiers could overheat and catch fire.

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