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Specialty Compounding Recalls All Lots of Sterile Products Due to Reports of Infections

Sterile medical devices and products should be free from any life form, such as bacteria or viruses. Sometimes, that is not the case and adverse reactions occur from non-sterile medical products. For instance, a few months ago The Food & Drug Administration discovered gram-negative bacteria in a chromium chloride injection, prompting the manufacturer, Balanced Solutions, to recall all of its non-expired sterile products.

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Holgate Toys Recalls About 5,000 Playmat Sets Due to Choking Hazard

The children’s toy manufacturer Toysmith had to recall approximately 30,000 light-up frog and duck toys last week because the toys had pieces that could detach and pose a choking hazard for young children. Choking hazards are common in toys, especially since toy manufacturers tend to produce small products. This week, another toy manufacturer is recalling a product for similar reasons.

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Big Lots Recalls Tabletop Torches after Reports of Fire and Burn Incidents

With more than 1,400 retail stores in the United States, Big Lots is a well-known retailer of a wide variety of products, from household items and decorative items to electronics and food items. During the past few years, the company has had to recall a few products due to defects that make the products unsafe. Last year, Big Lots recalled about 6,900 garden swings due to a defect that could’ve caused the swing to detach.

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Children’s Ladybug Furniture Recalled Due to Excessive Amounts of Lead

The Consumer Product Safety Act, passed in 2008, established new, stricter standards for products containing lead. The law states that products can contain no more than 90 milligrams per kilogram of lead in paint. Often, an excessive amount of lead can be found in children’s products, and sometimes the manufacturer of a product has to issue a recall to protect young children from ingesting lead.

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Viking Range Refrigerator Recall Expanded; Affects Approximately 31,000 Units

When a defective or dangerous product warrants a recall, a company or manufacturer is faced with the difficult task of reaching all possible consumers and retailers affected by the recall. A few weeks ago, the large appliance retailer Sears had to reissue a recall for about 795,000 Kenmore dehumidifiers because more incidents occurred after the first recall.

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Home Depot Recalls More than 100,000 Portable Fan Heaters Due to Fire Hazard

It is important for a heating or cooling device to be made of materials that can withstand dramatic temperature changes. If a heating device is made of materials that melt while it works, it could pose a fire hazard that is harmful for a consumer. In May, Family Dollar Stores had to recall about 19,640 Optimus Tower Quartz heaters due to a fire hazard caused by the units overheating.

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Renaissance Imports Recalls About 5,000 Girls Boots Due to Laceration Hazard

One of the main functions of clothing and apparel is to provide the wearer increased protection from environmental conditions. Unfortunately, sometimes apparel is manufactured with flawed pieces that could actually harm whoever is wearing the article of clothing. Last week, 5 Star Kids recalled about 48,000 children’s jackets because the drawstrings posed a strangulation hazard.

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More than 400,000 Baby Einstein Activity Jumpers Recalled Due to Impact Hazard

A product with an impact injury hazard in the home can put both the consumer and the consumer’s guests at risk. Last month, a few household items, mainly lighting products, were recalled due to impact hazards. Bel Air Lighting issued a recall of approximately 20,500 chandeliers last month because of the risk of the chandelier falling, and possibly injuring anyone standing underneath it.

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