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Nissan Recalls More than 150,000 Vehicles Due to Brake Software Issue

Nissan’s latest Pathfinder model and Infiniti JX model have been riddled with many problems. In September, the Los Angeles Times reported that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began investigating potential transmission failure after receiving reports about both models. The investigation follows two previous recalls that took place earlier in 2013.

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Waterlogic Recalls About 48,000 Water Cooling and Heating Systems Due to Fire Hazard

There have been several product recalls this year involving fire hazards. Sometimes products meant to control temperature or humidity can be manufactured in a way that makes them potentially dangerous. For instance, Gree recalled more than two million dehumidifiers last week after approximately $2.15 million worth of property damage was reported by consumers. According to the CPSC, the dehumidifiers could overheat and catch fire.

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Gree Recalls More than 2 Million Dehumidifiers Due to Risk of Overheating

People who live in moist and hot areas often need to keep their homes at a stable humidity to prevent the spread of mold and other conditions. This is where a dehumidifier comes in. However, this year millions of dehumidifiers have been recalled due to overheating issues. In July, Sears reissued a recall for approximately 795,000 Kenmore dehumidifiers due to several fire and burn incidents. This month, one of the largest recalls of this year has just been issued for nearly 2.2 million dehumidifiers.

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Crosman Recalls Approximately 16,000 Air Pistols Due to Explosion Hazard

Many Americans enjoy recreational shooting in the form of paintballing or airsofting. Airsoft guns fire plastic pellets and are therefore more safe than using traditional guns for recreational purposes. A few times, however, airsoft guns have been manufactured with safety defects that can affect the safety of the user and everyone else in the user’s vicinity.

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Target Recalls Approximately 25,000 Lamps Due to Fire and Shock Hazard

The retailer Target has had a few products recalled from its shelves this year. Last month, Wilton Industries, a company that produces items for Target, recalled more than 700,000 tea kettles due to a potential defect that allows steam to travel up the spout or water to spill from the spout, posing a burn hazard to consumers.

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Vitamix Recalls About 165,000 Containers Due to Laceration Hazard

Laceration hazards can pose serious risks to the consumer. For instance, a product could be manufactured in a way that causes it to break easily, leaving sharp parts exposed. In July, Renaissance Imports recalled about 5,000 pairs of boots after it discovered a staple that could become exposed and potentially puncture the boot wearer. Now, Vitamix is recalling approximately 165,000 64-ounce Low-Profile Containers due to the risk of laceration.

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NHTSA Upgrades Chevrolet Corvette Headlight Investigation

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is responsible for investigating potential defects in motor vehicles and large vehicle manufacturers’ methods of safety testing. These investigations help determine which vehicles are monitored and manufactured effectively. In July, the agency investigated General Motor’s screening process for 42,000 recalled vehicles with defective Generator Control Modules due to reports of a fire in a repaired vehicle.

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Park Pharmacy & Compounding Center Recalls Two Lots of Sterile Preparations

The Food & Drug Administration has discovered many issues with drug products that are meant to be sterile this year. The issues have often occurred at compounding pharmacies, which create specialized medical products for patients with unique needs. For instance, Specialty Compounding recently recalled all of its sterile medications due to reports about bacterial infections. Now, another compounding pharmacy is having issues with sterility assurance.

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Klever Kids Recalls About 7,000 Pajamas Due to Flammability Standard Violation

Certain products sold in the United States must meet rigorous flammability standards put in place by the CPSC. If these standards are not met, then the CPSC will take action. In January, Mattress Cloud Inc. had to recall approximately 1,400 mattresses because they did not meet the open flame standard for mattresses. Like mattresses, children’s sleepwear must pass tests and be flame resistant and able to self-extinguish if it catches on fire.

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