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Nissan Recalls Over 123,000 Altimas For Potential Spare Tire Defect

Drivers rely on their spare tires in a time of need.  Whether they run over a nail or otherwise lose tire pressure, they use the spare tire to help them reach their destination safely.  However, if the spare tire is significantly underinflated or overinflated, the tire can fail without warning, potentially leading to an accident.  Drivers of 2013 Nissan Altimas should be cautious if the need to use their spare tire arises, as Nissan recently issued a major recall of its popular sedan due to a potential spare tire defect.

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Nissan Recalling 18,800 Commercial NV Vans Due To Gear Shifting Defect

 Commercial vans are typically used by a wide variety of drivers for an even wider variety of purposes, from local deliveries to transporting people. Generally, they’re meant to be driven constantly, which means that they need to be manufactured with that in mind, especially in regard to safety measures, as they affect not only the drivers and passengers of those commercial vans, but the other drivers and passengers sharing the road with them as well.

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Nissan Recalls 13,919 Altima Models over Loose Steering Bolts

Automobile manufacturers are often overzealous with the release of new models, just as consumers are sometimes prone to the “have to have it first” ambition. While both of these attitudes can definitely have their positive aspects, they also leave the car door open for the possibility of manufacturer error, which is something that two major automobile manufacturers have both experienced this week.

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Nissan Recalls 2,417 Trucks And SUVs Because Of Defective Wheel Hubs

Imagine an automobile without an engine. Turn the key and nothing would happen, obviously, because that’s how essential an engine is to the operation of a motor vehicle. But at the same time, the silver lining of not having an engine in a vehicle would be that you couldn’t get it running at a high speed in order to expose yourself to any dangers. Unfortunately, cars are made up of many parts that could put a driver at such a terrifying disadvantage, and the wheel hub is certainly one of those parts.

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Nissan Recalled 2007 Nissan Altimas Over Defective Airbags

Nissan North America, Inc. recalled more than 204,000 vehicles due to a potentially defective airbag system that could have led to serious injuries in the event of an accident. The manufacturer notified owners that this recall affected MY 2007-2008 Altima, Altima Hybrid, 350Z, 350Z Roadster, MY 2008 Altima Coupe, Rogue, MY 2009 Murano, and Infiniti MY 2007-2008 G35 Sedan, MY 2008 G37 Coupe and EX35 passenger vehicles equipped with continental automotive systems occupant classification system “OCS control units.

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Nissan Recalls 200,000 Sentras Over Faulty Brake Cylinders

Nissan announced that it will recall about 170,000 of its 2007-2008 Sentra Sedans due to faulty brake cylinder. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the defect was caused by machining irregularity of the Bosch master brake cylinder that could result in the leaking of brake fluid from the master cylinder. The leak of brake fluid into the brake booster assembly could trigger off the brake warning light indicator.

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Nissan Recalls Popular Vehicles For Ineffective Airbags

Nissan recalled more than 200,000 of its vehicles in February 2008 due to problems with an electrical component that could potentially cause the airbags to be ineffective during a crash incident. Vehicles covered under the recall included the 2007-2008 year models of its Infiniti EX35, G35 and G37 as well as the Nissan 350Z, Altima, Murano and Rogue.

To date, no injuries have been reported but owners of the affected models were urged at th time to bring their vehicles to Nissan or the appointed dealers for the problem to be fixed.

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