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Toyota Lawsuit Over Death Of 4 Results in $10 million Settlement

According to an MSNBC article, “Toyota Motor Corp. has agreed to pay $10 million to the family of four people killed in a runaway Lexus crash that led to recalls of millions of the automaker’s vehicles.”

MSNBC reports that Toyota refused to admit or deny legal responsibility and “fought to keep the settlement amount confidential.” However, the news source explains “the Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press argued that the public’s interest in the case outweighed confidentiality concerns,” and the sum was disclosed.

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Toyota Recall Adds Lexus GX460 Amid Reports of Rollover Dangers

In a continuation of Toyota’s recent spate of bad news, the world’s leading automobile manufacturer recently announced a recall of the Lexus GX 460 Luxury SUV. This recall was necessitated by a high risk of rollover.

The issue with the SUV was first identified by Consumer Reports magazine after it issued the publication’s first “Don’t Buy” rating to a vehicle since 2001. The high risk of rollover and injury was caused by bad software in the SUV’s Vehicle Stability Control system.

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Toyota Lawsuits Have Insurance Companies Examining Past Accident Claims

Since September 2009, Toyota has recalled approximately 9 million vehicles. Of these recalled vehicles, an estimated 8.5 million were recalled due to driver complaints and reports of unintended acceleration. Insurance companies such as Allstate, State Farm, Geico, and others have recently determined to review previous accident claims involving these recalled Toyota vehicles. By reviewing past accident claims, insurers hope to identify those accidents involving recalled Toyota vehicles in which drivers cited sudden acceleration as the cause of the accident.

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Toyota Investigating New Claims About Safety of Lexus GX460

After five recalls since October 2009, Toyota is facing even more issues after Consumer Reports recently gave the Lexus GX460 a “Don’t Buy” warning due to a design flaw that may increase the possibility of rollovers. During vehicle testing, the electronic stability control system failed to react on time when the vehicle was put into hard or sudden turns. This caused the rear of the vehicle to slide sideways, which Consumer Reports says can cause a rollover in real-life driving situations.

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