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Chrysler Recalls Popular Models Over Fear Of Brake Failure

Chrysler announced the recall of 62,400 units of its 2007 model year vehicles due to faulty Electronic Control System Unit affecting the vehicles’ braking system. The affected models included the Chrysler Sebring, Chrysler 300, Jeep Commander, Jeep Compass, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Liberty, Jeep Wrangler, Dodge Nitro, Dodge Magnum, Dodge Charger and Dodge Caliber.

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Chrysler Recalls More Than A Half Million Vehicles

Chrysler has announced that it will be performing a voluntary recall on over 35,000 Dodge and Jeep vehicles across several countries for potentially sticky pedals in response to the recent Toyota recall, as their pedals are supplied by the same company. The recall focuses on those vehicles with manufacture dates ranging between March 7 and May 19, 2006. Chrysler reports that these vehicles are equipped with brake-override software, and that they do not consider the possible defect to be a safety issue; however, the manufacturer opted to perform the recall voluntarily.

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