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Ford Recalls 465,000 Vehicles Due to Fuel Tank Leaks

In March, Ford Motor Co. announced the recall of 3,500 vehicles due to the possibility of a dangerous fuel tank leak. The recall involved certain Ford Taurus, Ford Explorer, and Lincoln MKS models. An improperly molded seam could break and cause a fuel leak, which may lead to a fire. At the time of the recall, Ford had received at least six reports of tanks with fuel odors or leaks.

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NHTSA Announces Investigation Of An Estimated 724,982 Ford Vehicles After More Than 1,400 ‘Limp Mode’ Complaints

 As automobiles become more sophisticated with more intricate and advanced computer systems, they also become more susceptible to serious concerns regarding system errors and failures. One such error that many people may be unaware of is “limp mode,” which occurs when a car’s computer system detects a problem with the logic patterns that are sent in the engine. Should a strange logic pattern be detected, the computer will generally shut down the source of the problem.

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Ford Announces Yet Another Recall, This Time Over Faulty Fusion Headlights

For the second time in two weeks, Ford Motor Co. has announced a recall involving the 2013 Ford Fusion. This latest news actually marks the sixth recall by Ford since July, as some of the company’s most popular vehicles have featured manufacturing defects and other serious problems that have affected hundreds of thousands of American drivers. This time, Ford is recalling approximately 19,000 vehicles because of a manufacturing defect involving the headlights.

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Ford Recalls 154,604 Fiesta Vehicles for Failure to Meet Airbag Standards

When people think about airbag safety in their automobiles, they generally think of that giant balloon that comes from the steering wheel and above the glove compartment. Front airbags are crucial in saving lives in automobile accidents, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that the supplemental safety devices saved more than 25,000 lives in the United States between 1987 and 2008. But last year the NHTSA also declared that more needed to be done in regard to side curtain airbags.

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Ford and Mazda Recall Over 605,600 SUVs

Ford Motor Company is recalling 484,600 Ford Escape SUVs from the 2002-2004 model years. Approximately 423,634 of the affected Ford Escape SUVs are in the United States. There are also an estimated 35,000 defective Ford Escape SUVs in Canada, 19,000 in Mexico, 4,500 in Europe, and 4,300 in other areas around the globe.

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Ford Announces Recall Of Three Sport Utility Models

Ford announced a massive recall involving approximately 181,000 vehicles in February 2008. The first recall involved nearly 124,000 Ford Explorers and Lincoln Navigators that were produced from 2007 to 2008. These vehicles were said to have faulty door handles, having been manufactured, according to the report, with springs that can break. This would prevent the door handle from springing back into the closed position. Due to this problem, these vehicles have doors that were at risk for coming open during a side-impact accident.

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