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Volvo Recalls More than 30,000 Vehicles Due to Software Issue

Volvo, one of the only large vehicle manufacturers headquartered in Sweden, produces many large trucks meant for transporting goods as well as luxury vehicles. In early 2012, Volvo recalled approximately 22,383 trucks due to a relay valve defect that affected the trucks’ brakes. Now, the Swedish company is in the midst of a recall affecting approximately 30,929 S60 models.

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Nissan and Toyota Recall A Combined 1.5 Million Vehicles Worldwide

Nissan and Toyota are among some of the largest vehicle manufacturers worldwide. The two Japanese automakers are also no strangers to large-scale recalls. Recently, Toyota recalled approximately 235,000 vehicles in two separate actions, with one recall involving a concern with the vehicles’ inverters and the other involving concerns with the vehicles’ variable valve timing devices.

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